About Pamela

Pamela Park Artisan Jewelry Designer

Based in Utah, Pamela Park is a expert creator and instructor of Precious Metal Jewelry Making. A recognized authority in metal clay, metalsmithing, and lapidary work, Pamela has worked with hundred of students to create unique jewelry pieces. 

Pamela has been "creating" things her entire life, but once she picked up a torch she knew she had found her passion!  Pamela then discovered the benefits of metal clay (incredible textures, zero waste, recycled metals, environmentally friendly, and accessible to get started with limited investment... just to name a few!) and has quickly become one of the top instructors of PMC in Utah. Pamela enjoys sharing her jewelry creations at various local artisan markets, higher end art shows, and through various out of state artisan collaborations. 

You will also find Pamela enjoying hiking, running rivers, paddlboarding, and giving back to community initiatives. She is a fun-loving, enthusiastic, energetic supporter within the Utah community.